Project Gallery

Photos from a few of our favorite projects from over the years.

Converted Condo

The fourth floor of a converted mill building is now a 925 square foot condo. The client preferred not to mount the tv onto the brick so we came up with another ceiling mount to have the tv appear suspended. We installed a projection system on a ceiling beam and a motorized screen to drop in front of the tv so the client is able to switch from watching a 50 inch plasma to a 110 inch screen in no time. All of the components are in a remote location, so the appearance is seamless - and wireless.

In-Cabinet Plasma Install

This is an example of a flat screen installed into a built-in cabinet. The cube speakers blend nicely within the bookshelves, with the components hidden behind the cabinet doors below the tv. This install used the in-floor bass module with a brown grille.

Middle School Auditorium

A $40 million dollar school had a $40 dollar PA system in this beautiful auditorium frequently used for concerts, assemblies and community functions. It needed a top-quality, easy-to-use sound system that could cater to the needs of many different groups. Brookside’s Professional product group delivered a state of the art PA system - after the construction of the school was already completed. Now, everything from school assemblies to Town Meeting takes place in this auditorium.

Stone Fireplace

Classic example of a client wanting the tv mounted over the fireplace. Typically, the material above the fireplace is sheetrock with plaster and wooden studs behind it - pretty easy to mount a bracket and run cables behind. Once in awhile the surface is brick, which is much harder to install. This particular installation was stone - nearly impossible to find a flat surface. We didn’t want to start drilling holes in the rock, as it would permanently alter the fireplace, and what if the next owner didn’t want a tv over the fireplace?

The solution was to build a soffit with crown moulding. It gave us a solid mounting surface for a ceiling bracket, space to run wires, and a place for power. We provided the engineering, carpentry and design; the client provided the painter. There are a couple of photos here, highlighting the tv solution and the Bose in-wall speakers for the home theater system speakers. And check out the rear surround speakers - they look just like recessed lights.

This Old House Project

We were thrilled to be selected for This Old House's renovation of a 1897 Newton, Massachusetts Shingle-Style home. We installed a Bose home theater, basic on-wall jewel cubes, and a Bose BUILT-INvisible bass module in the remodeled family room, with ceiling speakers in the kitchen and living room. In the master bedroom, we did a plasma install and used a Bose 321 sound system instead of full-blown home theater. All of the components are in a cedar closet in the hall, keeping all of those cable boxes and DVD players out of sight.

Traditional Fireplace Install

A typical example of a traditional tv mount on sheetrock plaster above the fireplace. Painted the same color as the walls, the Bose speakers virtually disappear. The Bose BUILT-INvisible bass module (aka sub woofer) is hidden, built into the floor with a brass grille to match the décor. As a result, the client has a really clean looking install with the in-wall speakers and built-in bass module.

But where are the components in these pictures - the cable box, DVD, CD player, etc.? All of the components are hidden away in a hallway closet. The remote is radio frequency and can work through walls and floors up to 60 feet away. Seamless, wireless.

Home Theater

This client wanted the real home theater experience, complete with stadium seating. We installed a projection system and a motorized 110 inch screen.

Dome Home

We were asked to pre-wire this acoustically-challenging home for multi-room audio. Needless to say it’s one of our favorite installations.