Bringing Home Theater Experience & Expertise to Every Project

Brookside Entertainment Systems, Inc. provides clients with high performance yet user-friendly entertainment systems, from simple one-room audio systems to multimedia integration. We strive to deliver the most exceptional entertainment experience possible, no matter the setting.

We provide quality solutions for Residential and Commercial customers.


There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for your entertainment system. With over 20 years of experience in system design and installation, we provide our customers with personalized entertainment systems.

For each customer, Brookside Entertainment Systems, Inc.:

  • Performs a complimentary onsite consultation
  • Discusses customer vision, needs and budget
  • Conducts an evaluation of each room's structure and layout
  • Designs the most customized, personalized, and easy-to-use system possible

We've designed and installed systems for homes, apartments, condos, businesses, restaurants, bars, showrooms, and auditoriums.


The installation of your entertainment system begins with an onsite consultation where we determine your needs, conduct a thorough evaluation of room structure and layout, and present a customized system design.

Every room is built differently, and everything from room shape to decor affects the overall performance of your home theater or entertainment system. We evaluate each room in order to successfully integrate your system with your room's construction characteristics.

Entertainment systems should be heard and not seen.  As one of the most important and most technical steps of system installation, wiring requires the experience of trained technicians to properly run and connect cables to ensure the long-term safety, reliability and performance of the wiring.

Brookside Entertainment Systems, Inc. provides prewiring for new construction and wiring for existing spaces. As a major component in both the design and installation processes, our wiring solutions meet the most superior design and installation standards.

Our years of experience allow us to provide our customers with seamless installations for both pre-construction and existing spaces.


We understand that sometimes reading the owner's manual can be a daunting task when trying to troubleshoot your entertainment system. Our trained professionals are here to guide you through the tech talk. We provide outstanding, personalized service and maintenance to ensure your entertainment systems are running optimally. When available, we can provide you with loaner equipment.